Integrating Sahha

Flutter Integration

Learn how to integrate the Sahha SDK into your Flutter project

Step 1) Add Flutter Package Dependency

Add sahha_flutter as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

sdk: flutter
url: git://

Step 2) Install Flutter Package

Run flutter pub get inside the root folder of your Flutter project.

$ flutter pub get

Step 3) Setup iOS Project

Follow these additional steps to install the Sahha SDK in your iOS project.

Install CocoaPods

You will need to install CocoaPoads before you can install the Sahha SDK to your iOS project.

Visit Cocoapods to learn how to install CocoaPods.

Install Sahha Pod

Run pod install from the Terminal app in your project root folder.

$ pod install

Project Settings

Setup Xcode

You will need to edit your Xcode project settings to enable the Sahha SDK.

View the Xcode Project Settings in the iOS-installation guide to configure

Step 4) Setup Android Project

Android Sensor Permissions

You will need to add sensor permissions for the Sahha SDK in your Android project.

View the SDK Integration guide for Android .

Step 5) Import Sahha Package

Import the sahha_flutter package into any files inside your Flutter project that use the SDK.

import 'package:sahha_flutter/sahha_flutter.dart';