Get Started


Learn how to get Sahha set up in your project and start building the future of healthcare experiences. This guide will get you started with Sahha.

Registering your Sahha account

In order to correctly use Sahha API or SDK you will need to have a registered Sahha account.

Register Sahha Account

Before you continue

You'll need to access the Sahha Dashboard during setup, so make sure you've registered!

Accessing your API Keys

Whether you intend to use the Sahha API or SDK you'll need your API Keys - Visit the Sahha Dashboard and navigate to the API keys page to retrieve them.

You should know!

Sahha features both a Sandbox API and a Production API. When you're building, we recommend using your Sandbox API keys from your Sahha Account. When you're ready to launch your Sahha enabled features to production, use the Production API keys.

Next Steps

Now that you have setup your account, learn more about how to get the most out of our products . Once, you are familiar with the platform's capabilities, explore our guides .

Getting help

If you need integration or technical support, please reach out to our team at or join our Slack Community

Submit an issue

If you come across an issue, please use the issues section in GitHub for SDK issues, or contact us at

Join the community

Join our Slack Community and talk directly with our team for faster support, and work alongside others who are building technology with Sahha.