User Insights


User Insights provide a deeper understanding of health trends, behaviors, and patterns by analyzing aggregated biomarkers and scores. These insights help to identify and act upon meaningful changes in health metrics, offering a valuable tool for both individuals and organizations.

Transition Note for Long-Term Users

We've updated our Health Insights framework. Digital Biomarkers now focus on specific health metrics, while User Insights highlight trends and analyses based on these metrics and health scores. For biomarkers, visit Digital Biomarkers . For trend analysis and insights, stay on this page.

Key Features

  • Data-Driven : Crafted through intricate analysis of digital biomarkers and health scores, ensuring a robust foundation in empirical data.
  • Holistic View : Offers a wide-ranging perspective on health, combining various data points to provide a comprehensive overview of individual and population health.
  • Strategic Intelligence : Provides deep analytical insights that inform better decision-making, allowing users and businesses to take precise, informed actions based on health trends.

How It Works

To generate User Insights, first digital biomarkers and health scores are merged to create a rich dataset. Then this data is analyzed to detect patterns, trends, and significant health changes, providing a robust foundation for insights. At an individual level, this could mean alerts for significant health metric changes. At a population level, insights might include comparative analyses, behavioral outlier detection, and categorical grouping, all designed to offer strategic health intelligence.


For additional assistance or more detailed information on User Insights, please contact or reach out in the slack community .