Use Cases

Use Cases

Sahha's technology has utility among for many different solutions, mostly within healthcare and auxiliary industries.

Health Apps

Explore the ways in which health and well-being applications can effectively use Sahha to enhance their services, offering more value their users.


Discover how insurers can proactively manage policyholder health, reduce claims costs, and offer personalized incentives with Sahha.

Employee & Enterprise Wellbeing

Learn how Employee & Enterprise Wellbeing providers can effectively leverage Sahha, to improve their enterprise solutions.


See how projects that are targeting physical fitness, performance or optimizing physical health can utilise Sahha's technology.

Common Projects

Below is a list of common projects and features for which Sahha can deliver value within

Improving User/Customer Retention

Sahha can significantly enhance user retention in applications and services by addressing key aspects of user well-being and experience. Here's how Sahha contributes to improved user retention. View more about you can utilize Sahha to improve user retention .

Well-being Dashboards

Users can access personalized well-being dashboards displaying insights into their sleep, movement, and phone activity, along with well-being scores. This data empowers users to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Users can view their sleep patterns, set sleep goals, and track their progress. They can also see trends over time, helping them identify factors affecting their sleep quality.

Stress Management Recommendations

The platform can provide personalized stress management recommendations, such as relaxation techniques, meditation exercises, or stress-relieving activities, based on Sahha's insights.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

Users can set well-being goals, whether related to sleep improvement, stress reduction, or physical activity. They can track their progress, receive achievements, and stay motivated to achieve their goals.

Wellbeing Score and Mental Health Insights

Users can access their Wellbeing Scores, view insights into their emotional well-being, and receive recommendations for building mental resilience. This supports proactive mental health management.

AI & Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms like Sahha analyze well-being data to predict trends and patterns. For example, they can predict when a user is most likely to experience stress or the impact of changes in sleep patterns on overall well-being.

  • They can be employed to understand users' behaviors and provide personalized suggestions for positive behavioral change, such as improving sleep habits or reducing screen time.

  • They can also be used in combination with technologies such as large language model outputs by using well-being and health insight data from Sahha within prompts. View more about you can utilize Sahha to improve generative AI specific use-cases .

Recommendation Engines

Recommendation engines provide personalized suggestions to users based on their well-being data. For instance, they can recommend sleep hygiene practices or physical activity routines tailored to the individual.

Mental Resilience Assessments

Users can take assessments to determine their mental resilience to depression, anxiety, and stress on top of passive outputs from Sahha. The results can help them identify areas for improvement.

Well-being Insights and Notifications

Build real-time insights and notifications on their well-being, such as reminders to take short breaks, practice relaxation techniques, or adjust their sleep schedule.

Gamification for Well-being:

Gamification elements can be added to encourage users to stay engaged with their well-being goals, such as earning badges for achieving milestones or participating in well-being challenges.

Community and Peer Support:

A community feature to help users to connect with others who share similar well-being goals. They can share their progress, challenges, and successes, fostering a supportive well-being community.

Integration with Wearable Devices:

Integrating Sahha SDK to allow users to track their health and well-being data from many devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Data analytics tools that can process historical well-being data and generate trend reports, providing valuable insights into long-term well-being patterns and behaviors.

Predictive / Preventative Health Modeling

Use predictive modeling with Sahha data to anticipate potential health issues, helping users take preventive actions to maintain their well-being.